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PURE London Trade Show

I like to relish the moment when all the designing, fabric & yarn sourcing, prototype making and re-designing is done and all that's left to do (for a small while at least) is to come up with an idea of displaying the fruits of your labour for a big event. It gives the perfect excuse to sit down quietly with a coffee and and scroll through Pinterest, browsing fixtures & fittings, and wander round the smartest of stores to try and decide the perfect way to merchandise a collection of items.

PURE is the biggest fashion trade show in the country, It houses some of the biggest brands, and some of the smallest (me!) Retailers from all over Europe come to choose the items which will fill up their shops in the next 12 months. It is held in newly branded Olympia London, which really is the most astoundingly beautiful structure, especially on a bright, sunny day.

PURE London Trade Show was RBB's next big leap towards trying to establish new relationships with lovely stockists from all over the country and beyond. Here's what I did with my very own 5 square meters. 

While I was exhibiting I spotted a few other delightful British brands. I'd like to show my support by encouraging you to go and have a look/shop at And Mary, an enchanting jewellery and accessories brand - my favourite pieces were a whimsical collection of porcelain door knobs! And Cabbage White England, another jewellery brand but very different in style - I love the seashell necklace in silver & gold and the spring themed pinecone necklace too!

Until next time, Rose x

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