Care & Repair


Our knitwear has been made to a high standard using the finest Scottish spun lambswool. In order to keep your items looking as good as new, for as long as possible, it is important to follow these special care instructions. 

Wash knitted items by hand in cold water using a specialist wool detergent. Never wash in the machine as this will almost surely lead to the item felting and shrinking. Lay the item flat out on a towel and press out any excess water. Do not put the item directly on the radiator to dry, first put a towel on and place your knitted item on the towel to let the heat pass through. Do not tumble dry. You can use the steam from the iron to smooth out any creases or press with the iron on a very low heat. When storing your knitwear, make sure it is first clean, and place in a sealed plastic bag with lavender bags or cedar wood as these are good at deterring moths.


In an embrace of true slow design and ethical clothing consumption, Rose Brown Knitwear is now offering repairs. Wear and tear is inevitable when you live in your most cherished items of clothing, and unfortunately moths like woollen knitwear as much as you do! Send us a short message below to initiate your repair. 

Services start at £10.00 + P&P for a small hole (about the size of a pea)